About The Department

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Aryabhatta College of Engineering & Research Center Ajmer where experienced faculties and highly motivated students - supported by a pool of dedicated staff - experience a unique engineering education.

The Department offers academic programmes at three levels leading to Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Master of Technology (M.Tech.), and Polytechnic Diploma. In addition, continuing education programs in specialized fields are offered on a regular basis to industry professionals and academic staff of other colleges.

We offer our students opportunities to engage in experiments, design work, project work, industrial training, seminars, and team work to enhance the learning process that is very important for a holistic engineering education. They develop the skills of making inquiries and discovering new ideas on their own. .

In short, they are well prepared for a life-long learning that is crucial for a rich career in engineering.

Silent Features:

Laboratories Mechanical Engineering:

Laboratories have been extensively modernized to broaden the scope of basic education and the setups have been developed so much that students can feel their matters of interest and apply experiments that are beyond the curriculum.

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