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Director’s Desk

We at Aryabhatta College truly believe that each child entrusted to us will receive education in its finest form. We provide abundant opportunities and guidance to our students to transform their personalities . Our motto at ACERC is to provide affordable and meaningful growth options for our students. We have a unique mentorship program where each individual student is given specific attention through personalized mentoring. We help our students in developing their skills, where we not only just focus on the technical aspects but we also provide equal attention to the skills development. Through our 360 degree mentoring program. ACERC understands the importance of every student’s desire for personal and career success. Our pledge to you is not only to create abundant opportunity by offering the very best educational programs, but also to provide comprehensive and accessible student services to foster their success. I look forward to welcome you to ACERC and assure you that your ward is in a safe, 100% ragging free and homely environment and has started his journey
“Excellence through Continuous Improvement”
Dr. Ridhima Shastri
Aryabhatta Group of Institutions

Chairman Desk

Sa Vidya Ya Vimukktaye’- Education is that which provides immortality to human beings. A man educated in a real sense, become able to gain ‘Purusharth Chatustya’- i.e. Dharma, Artha, Karma, Moksha. By virtue of education a man enjoys prosperity in this world and immortality in the world above. With this aim we have decided to provide computer education to all irrespective of any cast and creed. Aryabhatta International College of Technical education is the first step in this field, through this college we are determined to educate students in computer science and management so that they can achieve prosperity and happiness in life. The next two milestones in this journey are Aryabhatta College of Management and Aryabhatta College of Engineering established to impart managerial and technical skills to the students. At Aryabhatta, we have adopted a student centric teaching methodology i.e you get individualized education. There is a strong emphasis on nurturing and developing every individual student. Our excellent corporate relationships also help the college to get the best professionals as faculty members. Education at Aryabhatta is filled with challenges and rewards limited only by the boundaries of your energy, imagination and the willingness to take challenges. We believe in involving our students as collaborators and colleagues; after all there is so much to be learnt from each other both within the classrooms as well as outside.
Dr. Amit Shastri
Aryabhatta Group of Institutions

Our Facilities


The College has three state of the art Computer Centers. All the computers in the centers are provided with the latest updated software and hardware. Internet, printing and scanning facilities are also available through network. Further, each center is equipped with uninterrupted power backup.

Our Courses

BCA, PGDCA, MSc, B.Voc, B.Tech, M.Tech, Ploytechnic, B.Sc, BBA, MBA etc.

Amazing Library

Access to information is a vital key in developing the individuals potentiality. RGIT has provided a central library consisting more than 10,000 volumes of books and adequate number of journals. All the latest editions of books both for reference and text are available in this library. It also subscribes to various newspaper and periodicals for the information and update of their knowledge. The journals of both National and International, related to all engineering subjects are also subscribed.


Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty for all deparments

Class Rooms

The class rooms at Aryabhatta facilitate a blend of traditional and modern modes of teaching with technological aids such as ceiling-mounted LCD projectors, roll-down screens, green boards and podium for faculty.

Degree & Diploma programs

Multiple Degree and Diploma Programs are avaliable

Our Thinking


Aryabhatta Group of Institutions aims to provide high quality educational facilities, industry oriented academic programs and top-notch infrastructure to evolve highly skilled and proficient individuals who would be known for their scientific intellect, innovations, entrepreneurial skills


Aryabhatta Group of Institutions believes in the comprehensive development of its students who must excel in professional as well as social realm and can contribute their share in the growth and buildout of the nation. . It has been our constant endeavor to improve our pedagogical methodology and mentor scholars in a manner so as to facilitate their growing aspirations while catering to the demands of the highly progressive and dynamic industry.


Aryabhatta, the competence is churned, dreams are nourished and talents are celebrated by developing a versatile attitude in our students so they can become adept in facing life’s challenges with robustness and resilience.